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Want to solve the world's greatest problems while winning
more than S$20,000 worth of prizes?

Venue : Singapore University of Technology and Design
Date : 30 September - 1st October

What is What The Hack?
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What The Hack @ SUTD is a 24 Hour hackathon that aims to bring together people of multiple disciplines and provide them with the resources to jumpstart their ideas.

What you get out of What The Hack:
  • Bring crazy ideas to life
  • Learn to use advanced prototyping tools such as CAD modelling software, laser cutters and 3D Printers
  • Further develop on your ideas after the Hackathon with The MIT+SUTD Design Odyssey Programme
  • Network with our sponsors!

Come solo or come as a team! Gather your fellow hackers into a team or come down and form teams on the day itself! Your team can have a maximum of 4 members. Alternatively, you can go at the themes solo too! Who knows? You might be able to win a prize all by yourself!
Problems and Prizes
What The Hack aims to challenge participants by encouraging them to tackle wicked, tough and abstract problems with any tools that they may have at hand. The outcome of the hackathon is to have a working prototype (software, hardware or both, we don't want to see just a powerpoint slide) that can help you showcase/explain your idea.

How to approach the themes:
  • Themes are not mutually exclusive, you can combine as many themes as long as you can make an argument for your idea
  • Themes are open to interpretation and can have multiple meanings
Main Themes

Judging Criteria

Creativity Execution Scalability Aesthetics and design


Best Space Idea

  • S$2500 dollar cash prize

Sponsored By:


Best Environment Idea

  • S$2500 dollar cash prize

Sponsored By:


Best Education Idea

  • S$2500 dollar cash prize

Sponsored By:

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Best Security Idea

  • S$2500 dollar cash prize

Sponsored By:


Best Hardware Hack

  • S$2000 dollar cash prize
  • 4x Oscilloscopes worth $3600
  • S$10000 worth of Stripe Credits

Sponsored By:


Best Software Hack

  • S$1000 Cash Prize
  • S$10000 worth of Stripe Credits
  • 1x iPad Mini
  • 1x Go Pro
  • 1x Portable Photo Printer
  • 1x Drone

Sponsored By:

*NB. The Organizer reserves the right to adjust, remove, or add prizes anytime before the hackathon due to sponsorship availbility or for any other reason

World changing tools provided!
At the competition, we will be providing tools like:
  • 3D Printers
  • Laser cutters
  • Fabrication Equipment like saws, sanders, etc
  • Protoyping Materials like Acrylic and Cardboard

You can bring whatever other materials you need to prototype your idea

Take a break from hacking to amp up your productivity. Pick up a new skill during your downtime with these quick, 45 minute workshops! Subject to interest and a minimum number of attendees*, we'll have the following optional workshops interspersed with your hacking time:


Design Thinking

  • Stuck trying to come up with an idea? The Design Odyssey team will give you a primer on SUTD's design curriculum to get those creative juices flowing!

Hacking Hackathons

  • Learn from the best - our speaker Agrim Singh has won 17 hackathons in less than 4 years!


  • Want to get into smart devices and home automation, but know nothing about electronics prototyping? SUTD's own branch of IEEE has got your back! This workshop will help you get your hands dirty with microcontrollers!
3D Printer

3D Printing

  • Need to rapidly prototype but not sure how to work those 3D printers we're providing? We'll walk you through the basics so that you can bring your designs to life!

Open Data

  • Wondering where to get great datasets to visualize and interpret in your project? Come on into the Open Data workshop, where we'll show you great sources and walk you through how to get what you need from their APIs!

Idea Into Startup

  • So you hack like madpeople, make something cool and have a ton of fun. What's next? SUTD's very own Startups Club shows you what action to take to turn your hackathon MVP into a real-life startup!

*NB. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel any of the above workshops at its sole discretion, if the number of attendees for the workshop does not meet a minimum number to be fixed at or for any other reason


General Schedule

Day Timing Activity
Sat 0900 - 1000 Registration
Sat 1000 - 1100 Briefing
Sat / Sun 1100 - 1100 Hacking
Sun 1100 - 1300 Move to exhibition location (ISH/MPH)
Sun 1300 - 1400 Lunch
Sun 1400 - 1600 Judging
Sun 1600 - 1700 Exhibition while scores are collated
Sun 1700 - 1800 Winners announced and prizes are given out

Workshops Schedule

Day Timing Activity
Sat 1115 - 1230 Design Thinking
Sat 1115 - 1230 3D Printing
Sat 1415 - 1500 Arduino
Sat 1515 - 1600 Open Data
Sat 1700 - 1800 Idea Into Startup
Sat 2115 - 2200 Hacking Hackathons
Sponsors and Partners
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this hackathon is free. All that we ask of you is for you to come down on the day itself!

This competition is open to anybody 13 years old and above as at the date of the competition. Anyone below 18 years old will require his/her parent’s consent to participate in the competition. Please print out the consent and indemnity form which can be found here for your parent’s signature and bring it on the day of the competition.

It means that you can decide how you want to argue your stance. An example would be interpreting space as Outer Space (rockets, moon, planets) or Space in an architectural sense (A space we live in)

4 members maximum.

If you are taking public transport, you can take bus 2 and 24 from Tanah Merah MRT and bus 5 from Simei
If you are driving, you can park in SUTD's basement carpark

Things like your laptops or any materials that you will need to create your prototype. We will provide basics like arduinos and some sensors to prototype your idea with.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Competition with regards to IP. You can download the Terms and Conditions here .

No Worries, the point of What The Hack is to learn and to use what you have learned to create something. We will be holding several workshops for beginners to learn more about fabrication techniques and how to use the machinery provided during the hackathon!

For any queries or clarification, please feel free to drop us a email at queries@sutdwth.com

Yes, you can begin conceptualizing your ideas or planning your approach to the themes before the competition. However only work done on the prototype during the competition itself will be judged.

Participants below the age of 18 will need their parent’s consent to participate in the competition. Thus, they will need to submit the consent and indemnity form signed by their parent/guardian at the registration counter on the day of the competition. For all other participants, we will provide the forms for your signature at the registration counter on the day of the competition itself! You can download the indemnity form from here
Contacts and Locations
For any queries, you can contact us at queries@sutdwth.com